חברת טקסטיל אורבנית לרוכבי אופניים שהוקמה בהשראת חברות הגלישה,

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חולצת טישרט Keirin T-shirt

The apex polo shirt made of 100% cotton pique comes with a front zipper for additional comfortability whilst cycling.
99.00 ₪

חולצת טישרט Madison T-shirt

A v-shaped 100% cotton slab t-shirt with a long back side for your riding comfort.
99.00 ₪

חולצת טישרט Omnium Polo-shirt

A polo t-shirt 100% cotton pique with front zip to help you cool down after or during a nice long ride.
99.00 ₪

חולצת טישרט Paceline T-shirt

An all over printed V-neck stripped T-shirt with a comfortable back pocket to store your smartphone.
99.00 ₪

חולצת טישרט Wheelie T-shirt

This 100% single jersey t-shirt comes with a reflective logo on the front, so that no one misses you when cycling on the road.
99.00 ₪